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The easiest innerwise ever

6 steps into YOUR life

  • A journey back to yourself—a journey of no return +

    Once you’ve experienced what life truly can be, you won’t be able to go back to what you called “life” thus far, which, in reality, was mere survival. Once you’ve become conscious of the Light, you can no longer try to convince yourself that gray is white—gray is only a certain kind of darkness. There is only dying or living. Survival is a form of dying, even if it takes a long time—sometimes a whole life.

    Life is so much more than you can dream of, and you can live it, experience it! Life is abundance, good health, flow, inner and outer wealth, joy and lightness. Struggle and suffering are over, and life is offering its gifts to you. Live, because survival is a waste of Creation.

    Join us on this journey . . .
  • Life or survival +

    Let’s imagine life like a donut that consists of a ring of dough with a hole in the middle. This ring of dough represents security, support and being nourished, but also limitations and rigidifications. This is the place of survival. The hole represents freedom and self-responsibility; letting go of all safety nets. That’s where life is.

    Most people feel most comfortable in the dough, yet they’re paying a high price for that: negative emotions, illness, limitations and dependencies. Once you understand why this happens, you can change it. And Live! The Healing Game of Life supports you in that, as it reveals the forces at work, active negative emotions and your lack of presence in what life is really about.
  • From survival to life in a playful and easy way +

    Live! The Healing Game of Life is easy to play and takes just a few minutes. As the first step, it shows you how present you are and reveals the state of your energy field. The second step is about balancing yourself with the support of the 10 Healer cards.

    With the last step, you activate your energy field and integrate your balance with a short meditation. Then, you no longer need suffering and illness, and feel filled with an incredibly wonderful energy.
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10 meditations for your healing

with the innerwise Healers that fill spaces and hearts

Click on the images to enjoy a short meditation.

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The full set of meditations will soon be available on Vimeo. The meditation music will soon be available on the CD Healing Sounds 2.

Game and Healers

Live! The Healing Game of Life

6 steps into YOUR life
1. Test whether your presence in your life is fragmented. If this is the case, the symbol of the outer circle (dark gray) is active . . .


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Healing Sounds 2

10 Healers, 10 Meditations. With the 10 Healers and Live! The Healing Game of Life, we can get to the heart of the philosophy of Being, and become empowered to leave our survival . . .


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Notepad for your work with Live! The Healing Game of Life

The Live! symbol allows you to precisely analyze the forces at work, existing identifications and the presence . . .


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10 Healers:
Art that refines life

Special images for special people. Created out of the innerwise being, Minghao Xu’s creativity and the magic of special crop circles . . .


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The innerwise amulet with the hologram

Using state-of-the-art electron-beam exposure, we were able to fit the complex symbols of the Make Me An Instrument . . .


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In creation:
Live! CD and book

The music is by Richard Hiebinger and the book by Uwe Albrecht: The beings and forces of Live! The Healing Game of Life . . .


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In progress: Live! CD and book
CD by Richard Hiebinger with piano music to celebrate life
Book by Uwe Albrecht on Live!


A taste of Richard Hiebinger’s piano music

“It was born around 1983 as we were recording the first LP with our band at the studio . . . During a break, I sat down at the studio’s Yamaha piano and suddenly this piece was there, although at the time, I didn’t really know how to play the piano, nor how to read or write music. This was an intuitive inspiration, and for all these years, I’ve kept this piece at the back of my mind and played it here and there just for myself.
Now the time is ripe and the moment has come, and the piece is complete—in every sense of the word!” Richard Hiebinger


A taste of the book Live! by Uwe Albrecht

The beings and forces of Live! The Healing Game of Life in conversation as they talk, argue, laugh and reason with one another . . . and you, the reader, can follow along as they explain life and the forces at work.

And if it is meant to happen, both will still be out in 2015.

This is how the game works


Introduction (0:05:44, in German)



A comprehensive video with Uwe Albrecht on the creation of this tool, the philosophy behind it, and the details on how to use it (1:13:00, in German)