In progress: Live! CD and book
CD by Richard Hiebinger with piano music to celebrate life
Book by Uwe Albrecht on Live!


A taste of Richard Hiebinger’s piano music

“It was born around 1983 as we were recording the first LP with our band at the studio . . . During a break, I sat down at the studio’s Yamaha piano and suddenly this piece was there, although at the time, I didn’t really know how to play the piano, nor how to read or write music. This was an intuitive inspiration, and for all these years, I’ve kept this piece at the back of my mind and played it here and there just for myself.
Now the time is ripe and the moment has come, and the piece is complete—in every sense of the word!” Richard Hiebinger


A taste of the book Live! by Uwe Albrecht

The beings and forces of Live! The Healing Game of Life in conversation as they talk, argue, laugh and reason with one another . . . and you, the reader, can follow along as they explain life and the forces at work.

And if it is meant to happen, both will still be out in 2015.